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HABLA! In Peru this words means Hello or how’s it going? As you might of guessed, I’m Peruvian. i lived in Florida most of my life and wouldn’t have it any other way. We live in Paradise! A fun little fact about me, I love helping people and being a professional Airbnb Co-Host; I think it’s what you might call a dream job. My job or passion is helping home owners achieve the level of independence any business owner aims for. Sometimes people think that by owning a business, they automatically achieve financial freedom. The reality of it is that if you’re still working and slaving in your business, the business owns you. Makes sense? Well, this is where my job facilitates yours. Many home owners go into the real estate business and decide to become landlords once they acquire a few properies; in hope of becoming wealthy. while that may be true, you are also trading your time for money. My passion allows me to give back precious time to any home owner by introducing them to the short term vacation rental industry. Home owners no longer have to play the role of a landlord; they just have to sit back (hopefully with a nice cocktail) and enjoy life; and of course, get paid. I provide complete turnkey services so they never have to lift a finger, unless they’re swiping their card at a Gucci Store, Haha! I also love music, spirituality and running. Looking forward to interacting with all the new and existing members of this community! Chao!


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